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Latest Project News

Boeing 737 WBJ

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. successfully completes the electrical design, software development, and commissioning of new Wing to Body Join (WBJ) automated assembly tool for Boeing's 737 Airplane.   With software designed by ITS Automation and process improvements developed in conjunction with Boeing engineering, production rates have increased along with accuracy, reliability and repeatability. The newer generation WBJ assembly tool will be used to replace legacy platform currently used for the existing 737 WBJ production lines. Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined.

KiOR Inc.

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. successfully completes the control system electrical design, software development and commissioning of the Wood Yard for KiOR Inc. first commercial scale cellulosic fuel facility in Columbus, MS. KiOR is a next-generation renewable fuels company that has developed a proprietary technology platform to convert biomass into renewable crude oil that is processed into gasoline, diesel and fuel oil blend stocks

Maple Leaf Foods

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. receives order for providing electrical design and programming for OEM equipment in new Maple Leaf Foods production facility in Hamilton, Ontario. Maple Leaf Foods is a leading consumer packaged food company, headquartered in Toronto with operations across Canada and in the United States, United Kingdom, Asia and Mexico.

Spirit AeroSystems

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. successfully completes the control system electrical design, software development and commissioning for a new Process Automated Vacuum System for Spirit AeroSystems Inc. in Kinston, NC. Spirit AeroSystems Inc., is the largest non-OEM designer and manufacturer of aero structures for commercial, military and business/regional jets in the world.


ITS Automation & Controls Inc. successfully completes the control system electrical design, software development and commissioning for Masonite, MACT Compliance upgrade. Including electrical design and programming of new Bio-Scrubber, Heat Energy Plant Fuel Delivery System. Masonite is one of the world's leading manufacturers of interior and entry door systems.

Product Release & Updates

March 2010

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. launches a new Equipment & Process Simulation package (EPSSTM) providing customers class room training via a Remote Access connection to the Virtual Training Environment.
Masonite, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of interior and entry door systems, utilized EPSSTM as one of their key tools for operator training and effectiveness during the facilities MACT compliance upgrade.

June 2009

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. releases iFind, a sophisticated and fully integrated document search tool. iFind provides immediate and categorized querying for your search item throughout thousands of drawings, lists, and manual. iFind is a remarkable tool for both the Engineering and Maintenance disciplines significantly reducing access time to information, implicit to action, reducing downtime and increasing productivity! There is no need for manually searching through files, binders, folders and manuals anymore! Let iFind do the work for you. Information at your finger tips...Immediately!

June 2008

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. developed and released a fully Automatic Saw Positioning System (ASPS TM) that can be added on and incorporated into existing Finishing Lines that utilize Rip Saws (First Pass Saws) and Cross Cut Saws (Second Pass Saws). The system ITS Automation & Controls Inc. designed and engineered for the Louisiana-Pacific OSB plant in Thomasville, Alabama is the first of its kind. By utilizing state of the art controls and programming, the speed and consistency for setting up saws for different cut patterns and product recipes can now be achieved in seconds. No more line shutdowns. No more QC manual checking. No more guess work involved. Accurate, reliable and consistent every time.

Feb 2008 Panel & Engineered Lumber International Conference & Expo

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. releases a full-blown; state-of-the-art Equipment & Process Simulation System (EPSS TM). It is an interactive tool that simulates your plant's equipment and processes utilizing your existing control system platform. EPSSTM is an innovative tool that increases operator effectiveness, enhances process understanding and acts as a training tool for all teams from management to maintenance.

Nov 2007

ITS Automation & Controls Inc. releases a fully integrated Moisture Control System (DMCS TM), for dryers lacking a control system that utilizes closed-loop moisture control. The outcome is minimizing overall energy consumption and delivering a steady stream of dried material with remarkable moisture consistency.

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